"Fly your freak flag high..."


We proudly fly their rainbow flag in support of their extended family, the LGBTI+ community. LemonAid is a series of queer focussed fundraisers, with the aim to raise money and spread the word on issues faced by the LGBTI+ community. 


Anything bands with LGBTI+ members or supporters.

"Treat yourself!"


Cookies & Cream focuses on all the obscure concoctions and derivatives of Brisbane's underground pop, rock, and indie scene. 


All the obscure concoctions of pop, rock, grunge, punk and indie.

"Full cream with half the fat!"


Buttermilk brings you tasty grooves, phat tunes, and silky sounds from around Brisbane.


Funk, reggae, hip hop, jazz, gypsy, soul, groove.

"Hard-working promotions duo Vincent & Jules have an uncanny knack for bringing together top-tier local talent under one roof..."
- Dean Hamilton, Music Is My Muse

The INDIE  KUNST launch party hosted 15 bands and was spread over two days late last year. For 2017, we've decided to see what'll happen if we squeeze all the fun into one night. Watch this space!

All things weird and hip from the umbrellas of pop, rock, alt, punk, artsy, indie and more.

"Fortune favours the bold..."



With a half arsed effort at black magic, a broken crystal ball, and an incomplete pack of Tarot cards, Divinations attempts to summon the blackest spirits found lurking in the shadowy corners of Brisbane.


Metal, hardcore, thrash, progressive.

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